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The Measuring instruments for the railway Including : 1.Track gauge (Digital Track Gauge /Anlogue Track Gauge ) 2.Rail Cant Measurement Device 3.Rail Wear Gauge (Rail Head Loss Wear Gauge / Rail Frog Wear Gauge /Switch Rail Lateral Wear Gauge /Digital Rail corrgation/Switch Rail Height Gauge /Frog Vertical Wear Gauge 4.Rail Offset Ruler 5.Railway Square Ruler 6.Versine Measuring Device 7.Rail Thermometer

Digital Track Gauge

Digital track gauge is special design for global market. It is used for measuring the track gauge,check rail gauge,back to back distance,(super elevation) ,flangeway clearance .

Digital Rail Wear Gauge

Rail wear gauge(rail head loss gauge) is mainly used to measure the vertical wear and lateral wear of the rail. The reasonable design makes it easy to operate and and intuitive to read.

Digital Rail Corrugation Wear Gauge

This digital corrugation wear gauge is a direct reading measuring tool which is used straight vertical measurement method. It is mainly used for rail top surface and side surface corrugation wear value.

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