How to measure the rail web width?

Nov. 20, 2021

The rail web width measuring instrument is a measuring device independently developed by our company to measure the rail web width. The product has the following features:

1)Using the strong Ndfeb material magnet positioning, accurate positioning and high measurement repeatability;

2) Digital display, easy to use, convenient; Accurate and reliable measurement;

3)By customizing the rail type positioning block, can measure the rail web width of 54E1 model rail, accurate positioning.



How to use 

1.Take the rail web width measuring device out of the box, put the measuring ends of the two measuring rulers 1 and 2 close together, and press the zero keys of the two digital display rulers respectively; After that, pull the two rulers to the farthest end

2.Place the positioning block close to the rail jaw which outside the rail to be measured (non-acting side), and then rotate and place it on the rail head. Push the measuring device to make two working sides of the positioning block close to the rail non-working side and the rail jaw side.

3.MeausringAfter positioning the instrument, push the two measuring rulers 1 and 2 toward the rail web, so that the measuring end of the rulers is close to the rail web;

4.Reading and calculation: read the measured data of the two measuring rulers 1and 2 respectively, and add the absolute value of the two measured data to be the measured value of the rail web width;

5.After reading, calculation, recording, the two measuring rulers 1 and 2 are pulled to the far end, and the direction of the opposite rotation of the next, do not pull so as not to damage the instrument measuring ruler.


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