How To Build A Railway Track?

Jul. 30, 2021

Pre-construction activities

There are some preparative works before railway track construction. Among all the activities, subgrade drainage and materials preparation are common.


When all preparations are ready, next step is laying the bottom ballast.


Laying bottom ballast

Ballast bed is the dependable foundation for railway track. According to the construction procedures, ballast bed construction is divided into two parts: bottom ballast and top ballast. There are other procedures between bottom ballast and top ballast laying. So, bottom ballast and top ballast will be separate to introduce.



Anchorage means the process that fix railroad spike to railway sleeper. This procedure requires materials as follow: Sulphur, sand, cement, paraffin, screw spike. Learn more specific process at how to fastener screw spike to railway sleeper.

Laying steel rail



Steel rail laying mainly include rail apolegamy and track laying.

Top ballast



Top ballast laying means laying ballast on the track and renovate the track to expect result. Top ballast lying has a certain order: transport ballast- spread ballast-track lifting- track lining- filling ballast- tamping- finishing track bed.

Rail anchor and rail brace


Rail anchor is used to prevent track from crawling. Rail brace is connected with steel rail through rail 


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