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Advantages For Rail Inclination Measure Device

The main part of the wheel tread is an  inward inclination of 1:40 .  In order to make the top of the rail track under the wheel load with cone tread stressed uniformly ,decrease load offset, reduce rail web stress , avoid slit between rail head and rail web, the railway track shall not be laid upright for straight line, it shall be inward inclined ,this inward inclination of rail called Rail Cant, it is a high precision ,portable , numeric rail geometrical testing tool.

Our device has there advantages:

1、 It adopts integrated design , easy to carry.

Overall size: 225*90*60mm, weight: 1.4kg.

2、Stable performance and anti - electromagnetic interference,

suitable for electrification route.

3With magnetic self-priming function, the measuring speed is fast, the measuring point is stuck when using, no manual adjustment is needed, and the measuring data is displayed directly.


4Equipped with temperature compensation function, eliminate the influence of ambient temperature on the measured data.

5Use new type OLED light-emitting material ,date display more clearly.

6Working temperature: -30℃~+60℃.

7、Sound prompts. In the process of operating the keys, there will be sound prompts, which can avoid faulty operation and non-operation effectively.

Video Link:  https://youtu.be/sk0lMINQTFw


8、Power saving function: no operation within 15 minutes, the system will shut down automatically. 


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