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Operation Instruction Of Switch Rail Height Gauge

1.Product Description

Switch rail height gauge is mainly used to measure  the descent height value of the switch rail relative to the basic rail and point rail relative to the wing rail . 

This instrument has the features of high measuring precision, convenient calibration, simple structure, light weight and easy to carry. Reasonable switch rail

height can not only ensure train  running safely and smoothly, but also reduce the interaction between wheel and rail effectively,reduce the dynamic stress 

of track structure, keep the track in good geometric state, thus reduce the maintenance workload.

2.Measurement Project

•The descent height value of the switch rail

•The descent height value of the point rail

•The height of switch roller

•The rail surface dent 

•The height of check rail

3.Product Structure

digital caliper     on-off       ③ Reset 

④ Millimeter/inch  switch       ⑤ Main body stents 

⑥ Measuring probe(disk-type)  ⑦Butterfly lock nut  

⑧Level ruler       ⑨Measuring probe sharp-type

P.S.: For more detailed informations about the digital track gauges, please contact with Eva Wu.

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