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Different Types of Rails

Information on different types of rails according to European, Australian, American, Russian, British, ASCE, China and Indian standards. The following mass of each rail type.

Rails Type:

  • European standards: RN 45, 45E1 (BS 90A), 46E2 (U33), 49E1 (S49), 49E5, 50E6 (U 50), 54E1 (UIC 54), 54E2 (UIC 54E), 54E3 (S54), 54E4, 60E1 (UIC 60) ,60E2.
  • Australian standards: D1  (AS68) , D2  (AS60).
  • British standards: BS 80 A, BS 90A  (45E1) ,BS 100 A.
  • Russian standards: R50  (P50) ,R65  (P65).
  • Chinese standards: China 50  , China 60.
  • American standards: 90ARA-A  (TR45), 100RE, 115RE  (TR57), 119RE, 132RE, 136RE, (TR68), 141 AB , 100ARA-B.
  • ASCE standardsASCE 60, ASCE 85.
  • Indian standards: IRS 52.

                                                   China 60kg rail Profile 

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